PrivateGPT User Guide

This guide details how to use PrivateGPT, Private AI's privacy-preserving ChatGPT integration.

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In a nutshell, PrivateGPT uses Private AI's user-hosted PII identification and redaction container to redact prompts before they are sent to LLM services such as provided by OpenAI, Cohere and Google and then puts the PII back into the completions received from the LLM service. The user experience is similar to using ChatGPT, with the added benefit that no PII is ever shared with LLM Providers like OpenAI, or even leaves the user's network.

PrivateGPT comes in two flavours: a chat UI for end users (similar to and a headless / API version that allows the functionality to be built into applications and custom UIs.

Overview of PrivateGPT by PrivateAI workflow

In the sections linked below, you'll find more information about how PrivateGPT works and how to use it, as well as some more complex examples and best practices:

PrivateGPT API/Headless

PrivateGPT Headless Interface demonstrates how to use the headless or API version of PrivateGPT inside applications using LLMs like ChatGPT.

PrivateGPT UI

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