Supported Languages

Private AI features core support for 14 languages and extended support for 39 additional languages, with core languages featuring the highest level of performance. The complete list of supported languages below details which languages have core support, which have extended or beta support, and which are upcoming additions. New languages are continually being added, please contact us if you require a language not in the list below.

In addition to supporting 50+ languages, Private AI offers support for regional language varieties in recognition of the large differences in vocabulary and grammar that can exist in the same language when spoken in different regions. So far, this includes support for varieties of English (US, UK, Canada and Australia), Spanish (Spain and Mexico), French (France and Canada), and Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil). Private AI also supports code-switching, or mixing of different languages. This means that, in a phrase such as J’ai payé 76,88RM por ein Haarschnitt da 范玉菲 habang ko ay nasa Україна, multilingual PII is accurately de-identified. The selection of supported regional language varieties is continually being expanded, please let us know if there is a specific request.

Private AI’s supported entity types function across each supported language, with multilingual equivalents of different PII (Personally Identifiable Information) entities, PHI (Protected Health Information) entities, and PCI (Payment Card Industry) entities being detected in each language. Our Supported Entity Types page provides a more detailed look at our coverage of language and region-specific entity equivalents. The solution is also sensitive to cross-linguistic differences in how names are structured, how place names are referred to, and how monetary units are described in different languages, among other differences.

Core Support

Language ISO Code Supported Regional Varieties Support Level Text Support Audio Support File Support Labels Added In
Dutch nl The Netherlands Core 3.4.0
English en Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States Core 1.0.0
French fr Canada (Quebec), France, Switzerland Core 2.2.0
German de Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland Core 2.2.0
Hindi hi India Core 2.10.0
Italian it Italy, Switzerland Core 2.2.0
Japanese ja Japan Core 3.4.0
Korean ko Korea Core 2.3.0
Mandarin (simplified) zh-Hans China, Singapore Core 3.1.1
Portuguese pt Brazil, Portugal Core 2.2.0
Russian ru Russia Core 2.10.0
Spanish es Mexico, Spain Core 2.2.0
Tagalog tl Philippines Core 2.10.0
Ukrainian uk Ukraine Core 2.10.0

Extended Support

Language ISO Code Support Level Text Support Audio Support File Support Labels Added In
Afrikaans af Extended 3.4.0
Arabic ar Extended 2.10.0
Bambara bm Extended 3.2.1
Bengali bn Extended 2.10.0
Belarusian be Extended 2.13.0
Bulgarian bg Extended 2.10.0
Burmese my Extended 2.10.0
Cantonese (traditional) zh-Hant Extended 3.4.1
Catalan ca Extended 2.10.0
Croatian hr Extended 2.10.0
Czech cs Extended 2.10.0
Danish da Extended 2.10.0
Estonian et Extended 2.10.0
Finnish fi Extended 2.10.0
Georgian ka Extended 3.7.1
Greek el Extended 2.10.0
Hebrew he Extended 2.10.0
Hungarian hu Extended 2.10.0
Icelandic is Extended 2.13.0
Indonesian id Extended 2.13.0
Khmer km Extended 2.13.0
Latvian lv Extended 2.10.0
Lithuanian lt Extended 2.10.0
Luxembourgish lb Extended 2.14.0
Malay ms Extended 2.10.0
Moldovan ro Extended 2.10.0
Norwegian (Bokmål) nb Extended 2.10.0
Persian (Farsi) fa Extended 2.10.0
Polish pl Extended 2.10.0
Punjabi pa Extended 2.10.0
Romanian ro Extended 2.10.0
Slovak sk Extended 2.10.0
Slovenian sl Extended 2.10.0
Swahili sw Extended 2.14.0
Swedish sv Extended 2.10.0
Tamil ta Extended 2.10.0
Thai th Extended 2.13.0
Turkish tr Extended 2.10.0
Vietnamese vi Extended 2.10.0

Coming Soon

Language ISO Code Support Level
Mandarin (Traditional) zh-Hant Coming soon
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