This is an end-user documentation for Private AI's container-based de-identification service. The documentation is organised as follows:

  • PrivateGPT User Guide provides an overview of the basic functionality and best practices for using our ChatGPT integration.
  • Quickstart runs through how to download, install and make API requests with the Private AI container.
  • 3.0 Migration Guide covers migration from older container versions to 3.0.
  • Background covers some general topics about why detecting and remediating PII is important.
  • Web Demo contains an interactive demo that you can try right in real time.
  • Frequently Asked Questions contains answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Installation describes how to load the Private AI image and run the container locally and in production.
  • Performance Tips provides some best practices for getting peak performance.
  • API Reference details the Private AI REST API, including code samples and an interactive demo.
  • Supported Entity Types lists all the entity types that Private AI currently supports.
  • Supported Languages lists all the languages that Private AI currently supports.
  • Security notes about security considerations taken by the Private AI team.
  • Release Notes contains release notes for the current and past Private AI container versions.
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