Detailed Github Code Samples

In addition to the guides in this documentation, we provide a comprehensive (but ever evolving) set of code samples in our Examples Github Repo.

This repository contains examples that showcase how to use the Private AI REST API, for both Python and JS. The API allows for PII to be found in text and then replaced with redaction markers or synthetic PII.

Getting started with Private AI's APIs

We have a few ways to get started:

  1. Contact our sales team for a container POC deployment in your enviroment
  2. Get a Community API key from the customer portal

For further information & access to the container feel free to contact us.

What are these examples?

In the JS folder we have common api call examples and use cases built in javascript. In the python folder we have the same examples expressed in python. If you are interested in our PrivateGPT to work securely with LLMs, you should check out the LLMs folder for some really cool stuff!

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