Grabbing the Image

Private AI is distributed via a single container image. No further downloads are required, as everything is packaged into the image, including the ML models. Updates are released on a monthly cadence via new container images.

Image Types

There are 3 different flavours of the Private AI container:

  • cpu , which contains all features except for GPU support.
  • cpu-text , a cut down CPU image that contains only text functionality.
  • gpu-text , a GPU-accelerated version of cpu-text .

The supported feature matrix is below:

cpu cpu-text gpu-text
Multilingual Support
Synthetic Entity Support
File Support
GPU Support

Versioning Scheme

Images are tagged with the release version followed by the image type. For example, the 3.0.0 release features the following images: 3.0.0-cpu, 3.0.0-cpu-text, 3.0.0-gpu-text. The container repository also contains cpu, cpu-text and gpu-text tags which point to the latest release version.

Getting the Image

The container image is distributed via an Azure Container Registry. Your customer portal account will have a login command pre-filled with your credentials that will look like this:


Once you've logged in, the image can be pulled with this command:

docker pull<version>
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